Insolvency Update – 24 September 2020

The Australian Government has now announced reforms to the insolvency regime applying to small businesses - similar to those that apply in the US and in some respects, the U...

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COVID-19: Relief for Debtors

I have debts, what are my options?When faced with a claim by a creditor that you owe them an...

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Extension of COVID-19 Relief: For Companies and Individuals

Announced ExtensionsOn 7 September 2020, a joint media release was made by the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, and Christian Porter, the Minister for Industrial Relations. This announcement signalled the Federal Government’s intention to continue several COVID-19 protections introduced in late March, which oper...

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Be cautious when negotiating, your emails/texts may be binding

But I never signed anything!This is a common misconception. Just because you didn’t sign a written document, does not mean that you cannot be bound by ...

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JobKeeper Update: Extension of Worker Coverage - September 2020 to March 2021

A month ago the Federal Government’s JobKeeper program was extended, albeit with a lower rate of support for all workers. You can review the details of this extension within our previous article. What support is offered? From 28 Septem...

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